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IBEC Telemetry Ignition Switch

Manufacturer: Advanced Radio
SKU: BRC1281
$128.5 (AUD)
IBEC Telemetry Ignition Switch with telemetry for RPM and temperature for up to 7 Cylinders
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AR have done it again.

Following on from our highly successful ignition switches, we are proud to announce the worlds first IBEC Ignition switch with full telemetry.

After speaking with pilots all over the world we came to understand just like us, that we all want to know what is happening with our expensive engine investment especially for the first few flights. And to have ongoing monitoring ensures a longer motor life. So, our engineers went to the lab and developed the worlds first Ignition battery elimination (IBEC) kill Switch with full range telemetry for RPM and temperature for up to 7 Cylinders or any other part of your model.


With 2 years in development and testing our engineers are proud to offer all pilots a complete ignition switching and monitoring solution with complete telemetry for all engines, from single, twin, tripple, quad up to 7 cylinder engines and at a fraction of the cost of other combined ignition and telemetry systems.

And it is an All-In-One solution. You simply connect the AR Ignition T-Switch to your receiver or power expander ignition kill channel and you are ready to go. 

For telemetry you simply connect the supplied receiver cable to the receivers telemetry port. For Spektrum you simply connect the supplied XBus cable to the receives XBus port. AR Ignition T-Switch supports telemtery to Futaba SBus2, Jeti EXBus, JR XBus, Spektrum XBus and FRSky SPort radios.

AR Ignition T-Switch is supplied with a single temperature sensor and you simply add as many as necessary for your multi-cylinder engine. Up to 7 temperature probe inputs are available to measure cylinder temperature or any other part of your model like cockpit temperature etc.  The AR Ignition T-Switch measures temperature from 30 to 300 degrees C.

The AR Ignition T-Switch also comes with an Ignition Battery Elimination Circuit (IBEC) LR providing a fully filtered ignition output that eliminates possible noise coming in from the ignitiion system. The result is no need for an ignition battery!  Simply connect AR Ignition T-Switch directly to your receiver or power expander ignition channel and you are ready to go. 

  • Ignition kill switch with LR filtered Battery Elimination Circuit (BEC). No ignition battery required.
  • Runs with all 6Volt and higher ignition systems.
  • Sends RPM telemetry to your telemetry radio. Telemetry is taken from the TTL output of all major Ignition systems.
  • Supports engines with a TTL RPM output like DLE, GP, Moki, UMS, Saito, ZDZ. Please note Gp may need RCexl ignitions 
  • Send up to 7 temperature probe values to your telemetry radio.
  • Supports telemetry for Futaba SBus2, Jeti EXBus, JR XBus, FRSky Sport, Spektrum XBus
  • Supplied with 1 temperature probe. Add more probes as required.  

Download instructions for the Ignition T-Switch


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